New technology makes many aspects of life easier and the same is true with dental care. Advances in dental technology allow patients to have higher quality care in less time, improving the overall dental experience. At Meridian Campus Family Dental, we have invested in the newest innovations for quality dental care to give you and your family the highest level of oral health at our dentist office in Lacey.

Prevention and early detection of dental issues is the best way to protect your family’s smiles. Some of the newer options in dental technology offer advanced methods of monitoring your oral health, giving you the best opportunity to fix oral problems before they begin to accelerate into large health issues. Some of the innovative technology we use at Meridian Campus Family Dental include:

  • Digital impressions. State-of-the-art digital imaging is used to make impressions of your teeth for dental restorations, saving the time and mess of traditional alginate mold impressions.
  • Digital x-rays. Our digital x-rays give us clear, computerized images of your teeth with less radiation and time than traditional x-rays.
  • Intra-oral camera. The intra-oral camera gives detailed images of your teeth and supporting structure, allowing you and our team to see defects and improve treatment.
  • Dental laser. Laser technology is used in a variety of dental treatments to reduce pain and improve healing, using light therapy instead of more invasive techniques.
  • Laser assisted cavity detection. Our laser technology helps us to detect cavities in their earliest stages, allowing us to remove minute decay before it becomes a larger cavity.
  • VELscope oral cancer detection. We use VELscope, an FDA-approved oral cancer detection system that can indicate abnormalities that are not visible to the eye.

Our goal at Meridian Campus Family Dental is to give you and your family the highest level of dental care in a caring, comfortable environment. Using the latest, best options in dental technology allows us to save time during your visits while gathering more detailed information to care for your family’s oral health. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for yourself or your entire family.

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