Six Month Smiles

A straight, beautiful smile can be yours in as little as six months – without a mouth full of metal braces. Meridian Campus Family Dental is happy to offer Six Month Smiles to our adult patients who want a discrete, quick orthodontic treatment for a straight smile. Using the latest technology, these new braces quickly adjust your visible teeth to correct gaps and misalignment for a fantastic smile in as little as six months.

We know you are busy and want quick solutions to fit into your lifestyle. Six Month Smiles is a way to achieve the smile you want without the hassle and time commitment of traditional braces. To accomplish a straight smile in less time, these braces focus only on the alignment of your teeth, not adjusting your bite. This allows for a quicker transformation of your smile, with less discomfort and without the appearance of metal brackets on your teeth. It is perfect for any adult that is looking for a discrete, quick solution to crooked or gapped teeth.

Short Term Orthodontics

Do you have a high school reunion next year or maybe you want a perfect smile for your wedding? With Six Month Smiles, you can get long-term orthodontic results in just a few months. Dr. Carpenter can evaluate your teeth alignment and recommend a solution to get you the smile you want in a time frame you can live with. Plus, since the brackets are clear, your braces will be almost invisible during your treatment, so there is none of the embarrassment of wearing traditional braces.

Find out if Six Months Smiles is right for you. Contact our office in Lacey to schedule your consultation for adult orthodontic treatment. We offer both Six Month Smiles and Invisalign orthodontic treatments for adults to create healthy, straight smiles quickly and discretely.

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