Dental Implants

One of the most natural-looking options in restorative dentistry is the dental implant. Whether you need one tooth or multiple teeth replaced, dental implants are a permanent solution that restores your mouth to its former glory. Unlike traditional dentures that must be removed or cantilever bridges that adhere to other teeth, implants are connected directly to your jaw, making them as close to natural teeth as you can possibly get. At Meridian Campus Family Dental, we are happy to offer this state-of-the-art smile restoration option to our patients. Isn't it time you felt confident in your smile again?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implants

What is the dental implant process?

While getting dental implants may seem daunting, it's actually an incredibly safe procedure that can restore your confidence and your smile. Dental implants are titanium posts that are secured into the jawbone. The post serves as the "root" of the new tooth and bonds with the bone, creating a fused connection. This serves as an anchor for the tooth restoration that will soon go on top of the post which will either be a dental crown, bridge, or denture depending on your needs. The restoration looks and functions just like your natural teeth, so much so that many people won't even realize they're not real. The implant itself also prevents bone loss, which can cause more teeth to become loose and eventually fall out. If you've been letting missing teeth keep you from living your best life, dental implants can get you back to eating the foods you love and feeling confident in your smile.

How do I care for my dental implants?

After the initial implant placement procedure is done, it's recommended to stick to the aftercare regimen recommended by Dr. Carpenter—your local dental implant dentist. Once the implants have fully healed and your restoration has been placed, they only require the normally dentist-recommended oral health regimen. As long as you brush twice a day for two minutes each time and floss at least once per day, your new smile could last anywhere from 15 years and up.

Can I replace all of my teeth using dental implants?

Yes. We can place four or more implants into your jawbone and create a custom, full set of dentures to attach to them. Dental implant-stabilized dentures don't slip or slide and fit seamlessly into your mouth. Once the dental implants have fused to your jawbone, the dentures can be snapped into place, and you will have a full smile that will make you look years younger and give you back the freedom of having your own permanent teeth.

How much do dental implants cost?

Our passion is providing the community with dental care that doesn't break the bank. No matter what your dental implant needs may be, our wide range of financial options are sure to fit any budget.

We accept:

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Money Order
  • Major Debit & Credit Cards
  • FSAs & HSAs
  • Dental Insurance
  • CareCredit®


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Implant dentistry has become a popular option in restorative dentistry. However, not everyone is a viable candidate for dental implants. Contact our office today to make your appointment with Dr. Carpenter and find out if dental implants are the right option to replace your missing teeth.

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