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Have missing teeth left windows in your smile? Whatever the cause, a missing tooth or teeth can make you self-conscious of your smile and also put you at risk for other dental issues. As part of our cosmetic dentistry options at Meridian Campus Family Dental, we can help close those windows in your smile with the use of dental bridges. These prosthetic devices are permanent, giving you back your complete, beautiful smile.

Missing teeth can be embarrassing, especially when the gaps are located in the front of your mouth. However, even missing back teeth can cause problems. Spaces can allow your teeth to shift, causing a change in their alignment. After time, your other teeth can appear crooked or have gaps between them, damaging the appearance of your smile and making it more difficult to keep them healthy and clean. Missing teeth can also make it difficult to chew certain foods. Dental bridges can offer a solution to fill those gaps and protect your beautiful smile.



Dental bridges use the teeth on either side of a missing tooth or teeth to hold prosthetic teeth in place. Crowns are placed on the teeth on either side of the gapped area, then the prosthetic tooth or teeth are attached to the crowns. Once in place, the crowns and artificial teeth will look natural, matching your other teeth. Dental bridges do not need to be removed and will last for many years, helping keep your other teeth aligned while filling in your missing teeth with beautifully designed replacements.

Dr. Carpenter and our entire dental team at Meridian Campus Family Dental want to help you get the smile you deserve. If you have missing teeth, come visit us to discuss replacement options. We offer dental bridges that can be a wonderful solution for many circumstances; we also offer full and partial dentures as well as dental implants. Contact us today for your consultation to replace those missing teeth.

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