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Having a beautiful, straight smile is more than just about your appearance. Invisalign can help you maintain a smile that is both healthy and attractive. Crooked or misaligned teeth can detract from a beautiful smile but they also can make it more difficult to prevent cavities and gum disease. Get the straight smile you deserve for both a wonderful smile and good health by calling us at Meridian Campus Family Dental in Lacey, WA.

Many people picture a teen with a mouth full of metal when they think about orthodontic care. While teens with braces are a common combination in the field of orthodontics, it is only one scenario. There are many other options available that can give both teens and adults the straight, healthy smiles they deserve through orthodontics. As part of our dental care services at Meridian Campus Family Dental, we are happy to provide orthodontic treatments that are discrete and create aligned smiles in less time. 

You do not necessarily need to wear metal braces to get the straight teeth you desire. Invisalign orthodontic trays can achieve a beautiful smile without the time and maintenance that traditional braces require. If you would like to learn more about our orthodontic services, contact us today!


Do you have crooked teeth or gaps that make your teeth hard to clean or keep you from revealing your lovely smile? Many common alignment issues can be fixed discretely and comfortably with the options now available through orthodontics. Invisalign clear aligners are a great option for teens and adults with certain alignment issues, quickly changing the position of the teeth without the need for braces. 

Contact Meridian Campus Family Dental in Lacey today to schedule a consultation and learn more about orthodontic options for a beautiful, healthy smile.

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