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You want the best for your kids, including healthy, beautiful smiles. At Meridian Campus Family Dental, we protect those precious smiles and offer children's dentistry. Dr. Carpenter loves kids-after all, he has a few of his own-and so does all of our dental team, and we want to make sure your children get the best dental care services available. From their first checkup after that monumental first tooth to caring for their teeth through their teens years, we want to ensure your kids get the very best in dental care for their beautiful smiles.


One of the specialized children's dental treatments Dr. Carpenter offers at Meridian Campus Family Dental is laser tongue tie and lip tie removal. For infants with difficulty breast feeding due to a lip or tongue tie, this can make it easier for them to receive this beneficial nutrition. Tongue ties can also restrict speech in children and have other side effects as they grow older. Dr. Carpenter can safely and gently remove these oral restrictions to improve the health and well-being for your child.

Not every dental office is geared toward pediatric dental care. However, at Meridian Campus Family Dental, we welcome tiny tots with big smiles into our office. We love having the privilege to provide a comfortable, safe environment for your kids to get the best in dental care. Our team is experienced in making your child feel at ease while visiting our office and we take extra care to make it a positive experience for them.

Protecting your child’s first teeth and monitoring their permanent smiles as they come in is important to creating beautiful smiles and protecting their health. Let us be your family dentist in Lacey. We accept most insurance plans, offer discounts to military personnel and have convenient payment options. Contact us today to schedule your child’s first appointment – we offer family block appointments for your convenience.

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