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When you have a dental emergency, you need a dental team you can trust to offer exceptional dental care to relieve the issue. There are many situations that may warrant an emergency dental visit. Whether your child broke a tooth playing softball at Bucknell Baseball Field or you have a severe toothache that will not go away, give us a call at Meridian Campus Family Dental. We offer emergency dental appointments for new and existing patients, often getting you in the same day for dental treatment. 

Same-Day Emergency Dental Care


No one wants to live with a dental issue that is causing them pain any longer than necessary. Our staff understands that you cannot schedule an appointment in advance when you have a dental emergency. We allow extra time during our regular schedule to see those who need emergency care. We will always do our best to see you or your family member the same day when possible to give you the dental care and relief you need.

Dental emergencies are best treated in a dental setting, not a hospital emergency room. In most cases, urgent care facilities and emergency rooms will not be able to repair a dental problem. Instead of wasting the time and money in an emergency room waiting room, call our caring team at Meridian Campus Family Dental in Lacey. We have extended hours and are open on Saturdays – call us when you need quick, compassionate dental care.



Many dental emergencies are covered under insurance and Meridian Campus Family Dental accepts most insurances. We also have a military discount for our military community here in Lacey, as well as payment and financing options. A dental emergency does not need to be a financial burden – let us help you get the care you need. Contact us today.




What constitutes a dental emergency?


A severe toothache, abnormal bleeding, and broken tooth nearly always warrant emergency dental care. If you’re questioning whether your symptoms need to be treated immediately, it’s always best to call and get a professional opinion as quickly as possible.


How can I prepare for a dental emergency?


Keep our contact information in an easily accessible place to eliminate unnecessary searching in a stressful time. You should also add a few dental specific items to your emergency kit, including floss, gauze, and a small container to transport a broken tooth in.


How are broken teeth fixed?


The process for a broken tooth repair is different for each patient, depending on the health of the tooth and severity of the break. It’s always best to retrieve every portion of the broken tooth before visiting us to ensure we have the best opportunity to save it. Dental bonding, crowns, and veneers are popular treatments for a broken tooth repair.

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