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Simple ways to help with candy cravings

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

During these last few months of the year, full of several holidays, you’ll likely come up against the temptation to eat candy. It’s hard to avoid when it’s practically everywhere! Here are some simple tips to help you dodge the lure of the candy bowl, at home or in the office.

Only eat one of your favorite candies a day.

Take note of what time of day you usually crave sweets and save your favorite treat for that time. It is so easy to just mindlessly eat candy without realizing how much you have eaten. Indulge your sweet tooth on occasion, if you find that denying yourself completely leads to a full on candy binge. If you are an all-or-nothing type of person, eating just one may feel harder than simply eating none. Read on for some options that will work better for you.

Out of sight, out of mind.

This method only works if you can get your coworkers on board. Ask them to keep their candy jars inside their desks, use opaque containers, or put them in a cabinet in the break room, so you won’t be tempted every time you see it. Or simply ask them to hide it when they see you coming!

Chew gum.

Sugarless gum gives your mouth a burst of sweet sensation for very few calories. "Studies have shown that gum chewing can also help you relieve stress, mentally focus on tasks, satisfy a sweet tooth, overcome the urge to eat candy, and help manage hunger pangs to hold you over until your next meal.”

Replace the candy with better choices.

There are so many different options that can satisfy your sugar cravings. Fruit has natural sweetness and is much better for your oral and physical health than eating candy. Protein or low-carb bars can help appease that need for some chocolate while also assuaging any true hunger.

Count the empty wrappers.

It's so easy to munch on fun-size candy bars and lose track of how many you have eaten. If you keep your empty wrappers where you can see them, you will have a very visual reminder of how much you’ve consumed. This can help you know when you’ve definitely had enough!

Manage your hunger and cravings.

Eat breakfast before going to work and plan for a few healthy snacks along with a nutritious, satisfying lunch. Your preplanned meals will keep you satiated and less likely to raid the candy bowls at work or home.

Make an appointment with Dr. Carpenter so we can help you prevent cavities. We know that during these holiday months everyone is indulging a bit more than usual. We are here to help prevent and address any negative impact this festive time may have on your oral health.

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