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Protecting your teeth from painful decay with general dentistry is our job at Meridian Campus Family Dental. We hope to help all our patients enjoy the benefits of excellent oral health, including a beautiful, pain-free smile. Yet there are times that a tooth has already been compromised to the point that root canal therapy is needed to save the tooth. When that is the case, we make the procedure as painless and quick as possible for our patients with our gentle care in our comfortable office.

Root canal therapy is used to remove the nerve root from a tooth that has been damaged or decayed to the point where the nerve is exposed, usually causing pain. This can occur in teeth where the decay has burrowed through outer enamel and dentin, reaching the core of the tooth. It can also be needed when a tooth has a severe crack or other damage that is exposing the nerve. Once the nerve root is removed, the tooth is filled and covered with a dental crown. This is often the only option to save the tooth from extraction.


Many people associate root canal therapy with pain, but it is not the procedure that is painful, it is the infected tooth. Once the tooth pulp or nerve is exposed to infection, it can be very painful. The newer technology that we use at Meridian Campus Family Dental makes this procedure much faster, quickly removing the damaged nerve root and protecting the remaining tooth with a beautiful new crown. You can sit back and relax in one of our comfortable rooms with a neck pillow and blanket while Dr. Carpenter takes care of your infected tooth. Before you know it, you will be on your way, pain gone.

Meridian Campus Family Dental wants to be your source for excellent dental care, including complex procedures such as root canal therapy. Our team will make sure you are comfortable and put at ease every time you walk through our door. Contact our office today to begin your journey to better dental health.

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