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Do you wish you had a brighter, whiter smile? You can, with the help of professional teeth whitening. Many people are obsessed with having a beautiful smile – after all, a white smile is associated with health and youth, making it a very desirable trait. If over-the-counter toothpastes and whiteners are not getting you the results you want, call us at Meridian Campus Family Dental for cosmetic dentistry. We offer professional teeth whitening that will quickly get you the bright, beautiful smile you crave.

It can be difficult to keep your teeth bright and white, especially living in Western Washington. After all, we love our coffee, fresh berries and wine, all of which can discolor your teeth. However, you do not have to give up the foods and beverages you love to have a white smile. We can help you remove those stains and discoloration to reveal a fantastic smile that you will be proud to show to the world.



Although there are aisles full of teeth whitening products available in many stores, they are not always the best options to whiten your smile. While some are effective, others can be harmful to your dental health. Professional teeth whitening or bleaching can be performed safely under the supervision of our team of experienced dental professionals. Not only do you get a brighter, whiter smile in a shorter period of time, you can rest assured that we are protecting the health of your teeth so you can maintain a beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Get the gorgeous white smile that you deserve with professional teeth whitening at Meridian Campus Family Dental. We offer complete dental care for our patients for a healthy smile plus cosmetic dentistry to give you the attractive smile that will enhance your appearance. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment and ask about our teeth whitening products and services.

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