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Dental implants are very similar to your own natural teeth, which also means they can need to be restored or repaired. Just like your own teeth, they can be chipped or cracked from trauma or hard foods, requiring a trip to the dentist for treatment. With our restorative dentistry options at Meridian Campus Family Dental, we offer implant dentistry for completing implants, as well as restoring and repairing them when they become damaged.

The big difference in a dental implant problem and a natural tooth issue is that you may not know the damage is there until you see it. A natural tooth will cause pain when it is damaged, while an implant does not have a nerve root to tell you it has become cracked or chipped. This is a good reason to continue regular visits to your dentist to have checkups on your implants, just like your natural teeth. If there are any problems, you can have your implants restored before they cause issues with your bite or smile.



When a dental implant becomes damaged, it is important to have repairs made right away. A cracked or damaged crown can invite bacteria to collect inside your implant, causing bad breath and other health issues. If a crown is loose, you need to have it repaired to reduce risk of it falling off completely. At the first sign of any problem with your dental implants, call us here at Meridian Campus Family Dental. Dr. Carpenter can repair or restore your implants back to looking like new again.

Dental implants do require maintenance, just like your natural teeth. Make sure to schedule regular dental visits with us to protect your investment in your new smile. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment to have your dental implants inspected.

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