At Meridian Campus Family Dental, we wish we could give everyone a healthy, beautiful smile comprised of their own natural teeth. Yet that is not always possible, so we offer the next best thing – restorative dentistry. One option to complete your smile when you have lost some or all of your teeth is partial or complete dentures. With the new options in comfortable dentures, you can once again have a beautiful smile and eat the foods you love.

Full & Complete Dentures

If you have lost most of your teeth, full or complete dentures may be the right option for you. These removable prosthetics will give you a full set of new teeth that will look and function like your natural teeth. For many, new dentures can make them look more youthful than they have in years, giving support back to their facial muscles where their teeth have been missing. Plus, having a full, white smile again is a wonderful boost to your self-esteem. At Meridian Campus Family Dental, Dr. Carpenter can fit you for a new set of dentures using the latest in imaging technology to create a perfect new set of teeth that you will love.

Partial Dentures

If you have most of your teeth but have a few missing, partial dentures may be one option to complete your smile. Partial dentures are a great solution for those who have teeth missing that are not able to use a dental bridge to fill. Partial dentures can be customized for your missing teeth, filling in those gaps and allowing you to eat the foods you love again. Plus, you will be able to flash your full smile again to those you love.

Meridian Campus Family Dental is your place for restorative dentistry options. We offer dentures, dental bridges and implants to replace those missing teeth. Contact us today for a consultation to find out if dentures are the right option for you.

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