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More and more, people around the world are looking for ways they can have a more positive impact on the environment. After all, our planet is the only one we’ve got! What are YOU doing to protect it? Even in your dental care routine, there are things you can do to be more eco-friendly. With these small changes, you can feel good about living a little greener!


When you brush your teeth, make sure to turn off the faucet when you’re not using it so it’s not running the whole time. After you turn it on to wet your toothbrush, it can be easy to totally forget about it as you are brushing away and daydreaming. Unfortunately, even that short 2 minutes twice each day can add up to a whole lot of water being wasted. Not only can you save water by only keeping the water on when you’re rinsing your toothbrush, but also by using a reusable glass cup to get a drink instead of your cupped hands.


By now you’ve probably heard about how bad plastic is for the environment. When it comes to your dental products, you can use a bamboo toothbrush instead of a standard plastic toothbrush to minimize how much plastic waste you’re contributing to. Again, it may seem small, but when you think about how you should be replacing your toothbrush every three months or so, then that leads to quite a bit of plastic in the trash. You can also look into using biodegradable silk floss rather than conventional nylon floss and plastic floss picks. If you feel your traditional plastic products, participate in recycling programs that reuse used dental products, like floss containers and plastic toothbrushes.


You make decisions with your dollar, and by choosing a dentist who uses digital dental X-rays instead of traditional film X-rays, you’re supporting their more eco-friendly way of doing things. Because unlike film X-rays, digital X-rays don’t require complex processing with potentially harmful chemicals. They are fast, effective, and safer for both the planet and the patient. Here at Meridian Campus Family Dental, we’re proud to use digitial X-rays!

Hungry for more dental tips? Utilize on our online contact form or give us a call! Our dental team looks forward to hearing from you soon.


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